To Say I Love You-Lyrics

18. listopadu 2011 v 22:04 | helca |  Lyrics-Streetlight
With ten thousand ways just to say "I love you"
You picked the one that'll cost you the most
You saw me there hoping and suffering in pain
And decided to live here and die here the same

So distant to you ever closer to me
One in my life one soul one in everything
You could have stayed home in the warmth of the sun
Instead you came through and you called me the one

You saw me cry
Now you're crying with me
I'm in trouble in deep
You'll be right there with me
Alone in the darkness oh why
Why can't you see it's springtime

I can't see a thing and there waiting you stand
The sky crashes down and you hold out your hand
My past is a ghost and I'm losing my mind
I'm wasting my life and you're there every time

And love is still healing all this distance between
Two worlds divide and you side just for me
From a seed in the darkness the answer will grow
You're giving your life so that I'll know

You saw me cry…
Now can't you see it's springtime

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