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18. listopadu 2011 v 21:58 | helca |  Lyrics-Streetlight
Windy city endless summer nights
Never seen so many stars burning so bright
Dancing stars shooting through the darkness
There's a party going on up there tonight
Stars are shining yes there shining
Like I've never seen before

What's up with you
Looking like a cat that's walking on the rooftops
Oh please cut that out stop staring at the moon
you ain't never gonna get there
Day dreamer, do like I do
Never lost between the moon and the stars
My star's on her way and she's making me go
Right out of my mind

Sometimes I like to walk along the water
While they're loading up the ships to sail away
At times I'll watch the boats leave for hours
Leaving only trails of ripples on their way
And I wonder, how I wonder
Is it gonna be that way for me (4x)

The things I'd do
I'd stay out in the pouring rain if she said to
For my girl I'd give it all, turn my back on my friends
I'd even give her my car
When you smile, Lisa girl You get me saying yes all of the time
For the rest of my life I'll be seeing nobody but you

Is it gonna be that way for me
Is it gonna be that way for me

You and me, it's gonna be forever
Side by side 'til the end of time
All I ever want to leave behind me
Is a trail of light that never fades away
I can feel it deep inside
It's gonna be that way for me 4x

It's gonna be that way for me
It's gonna be that way for me

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